On 29th May 2019 a public exhibition was held in Sturton le Steeple Village Hall to share information on the project and provide local residents with an opportunity to share their feedback. Following the public exhibition, updated documents have been created to provide further clarity on the development. You can view the material presented at, and following, the public exhibition below.

The proposed development is a solar farm consisting of solar panels arranged in rows. It is expected that the panels will collectively have a capacity up to 49.9MW and will generate enough low carbon electricity to power 15,000 homes every year. The panels will be erected for a period of 30 years, plus up to 4 months for construction and up to 4 months for decommissioning.

The solar farm will cover approximately 87 hectares / 215 acres and will allow for boundary landscaping, stock / deer fencing and access.

A PV panel measures approximately 2m (h) x 1m (w) x 0.05m. The panels will be installed in rows across the site with spacing of 2 – 6m between each row to avoid any shading. The mounting system comprises of two separate elements; upright galvanised steel posts which are screwed or pushed into the ground and an aluminium support frame which is bolted together. The system requires no concrete foundations and is designed to be reversible leaving no trace when removed.

The overall panel height from ground level will typically be between 2.4m–3m at the highest point and 0.8m at the lowest.


Public Exhibition Documents


Site Layout

Viewpoints Location Map.jpg

Viewpoints Location Map

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Original Viewpoints


Post-Public Exhibition Documents

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Updated Viewpoints

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Viewpoints Field Map


Planting Scheme


Updated Site Layout